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By: Amanda Ringler on March 3rd, 2017

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How Much Money Will Foam Insulation Save on Monthly Energy Bills? [Video]

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Are you looking to lower your monthly energy bills and you’ve heard foam insulation is the way to go, but you have questions about the savings?

After insulating thousands of homes in Michigan’s lower peninsula, RetroFoam of Michigan has seen customers save anywhere between 15 to 50 percent on their monthly energy bills depending on various factors.

Factors that Determine Monthly Energy Bill Savings

The amount you could save on your monthly energy bills depends on what areas of your home you have insulated. While you can insulate the attic, the walls, the crawl space, or the rim joist and see some savings, you will see the greatest benefit and savings from insulating your entire home.

Other factors that will determine the amount you save on your monthly energy bills include the age of the home. If it’s a newer home you most likely won’t save as much as if it’s an older home with no or little insulation at all. The number of people living in the home can also be a factor, as well as personal preferences on the thermostat settings.

“You’re going to continue saving that money, not just that month or the next month – it’s going to be forever,” said Bruce Vaydik, an estimator at RetroFoam of Michigan. “It adds up over time and I can honestly say any job we do is going to pay for itself within 5 to 6 years.”

If you’re looking for more answers to your questions, check our foam insulation learning center.

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