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5 Common Comfort and Energy Bill Savings According to RetroFoam of Michigan Reviews

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5 Common Comfort and Energy Bill Savings According to RetroFoam of Michigan Reviews Blog Feature
Jennifer McFatridge

By: Jennifer McFatridge on February 10th, 2020

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Why do most people insulate their homes with spray foam insulation?

For a lot of people, the reason is to save money on heating and energy costs, as well as to be comfortable in their own homes. 

Providing comfort and energy savings is of the utmost importance here at RetroFoam of Michigan. We hear from a lot of our customers who notice substantial savings on their energy bills and instant comfort levels. 

The majority of these savings are reported by homeowners who insulated one or more areas of their home and the best compliment our company can get is a happy, satisfied customer. 

In this article, I want to share with you some of the savings our homeowners have seen after installing foam insulation into their homes.

Why is Saving Money on Monthly Energy Bills Important?

Not only will using less gas and electricity lower our carbon footprint but savings can be found in every monthly energy bill.

“EPA estimates that homeowners can save an average of 15% on heating and cooling costs (or an average of 11% on total energy costs) by air sealing their homes and adding insulation in attics, floors over crawl spaces, and accessible basement rim joists,” according to Energy Star.

Everyone likes to save money, especially on recurring monthly energy bills. 

Think of the extra money that can be put towards vacations, life’s pleasures, and necessities when your energy bills are 10 to 40 percent less on average every month. 

5 Examples of Comfort and Energy Bill Savings from RetroFoam of Michigan Customers

Instead of reading statistical facts and figures, let us look at what RetroFoam of Michigan customers are saying about energy savings and comfort levels in their homes. 

“Best thing I’ve ever done. It has saved me so much money. I went from spending $700 a month to $180 in the winter months.” V. Cerda

This is a statement we see and hear quite frequently at RetroFoam of Michigan. Not only do people notice their comfort level improve right away, but they continue to see the savings in their heating and electric bills for years down the road. 

“Now the thermostat is set 5-degrees lower in the winter and the furnace doesn’t run nearly as much. Thank you, RetroFoam of Michigan!” C. Weiskirch

Anyone who has lived in a home that is too cold or too hot knows how uncomfortable it is. Also, it is very inconvenient to constantly turn up the furnace or turn down the AC. 

It is such a relief for homeowners after their foam insulation installation to not have to worry so much about the temperature of their home.

“I have lived in my home for 19 years, in that time I just got used to a cold house. Sure, you can turn up the heat, but as soon as the heat stops you can feel the cold air all around. Well, last week I had the exterior of my home and the rim joists completed in my home. Well, it was a negative 2-degrees last night. I walked all over my home looking for cold spots and I can’t find them.” D. Mash

Our company is so glad to hear this from our customers. Mash and many others are able to feel much more comfortable in their own home after getting home insulation with RetroFoam of Michigan.

“As background, in 2018 I had my attic rafters foamed and the old ceiling wool insulation removed. I was leery covering up all the wood that comprises the roof, but I am very happy with the results. The attic is now a conditioned space so the living area below the attic is so much more consistent in comfort in both the winter and summer.” V. Dinsmoore

The comfort level of your home is so important for your family. Our spray foam insulation creates an air seal which is what provides homes with energy efficiency. 

While comfort is the driving force for our customers to look into foam insulation, the energy savings is what makes the home upgrade worth it. 

When Al Boitel, a RetroFoam of Michigan customer, was asked about his attic install in 2018 he said he saved quite a bit on his monthly energy bills.

“Our energy bill used to be $300 per month now we’re seeing around $200 or less per month.” excited about his savings he added, “I can’t wait to get additional work done by RetroFoam!”

Adding Foam Insulation to your Home 

Reducing energy costs is what our business is all about. 

That is why RetroFoam of Michigan partners with the leading energy providers to reduce gas and electricity usage. 

Rebates provided by companies such as Consumers Energy and DTE grant significant savings for our customers. We combine quality materials, service, and installation knowledge to provide our customers with comfort and savings for the lifetime of their home. 

If you want to learn more about all the things foam has to offer in the quest to make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable, check out some of the resources available in our Learning Center.

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