Spray Foam Insulation for Existing Homes

Give your family a cozy place to call home and freedom from outrageous energy bills.

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Ten-minute video explaining all you need to know about foam insulation for your existing home.

Fall in Love with Your Existing Home Again with the Help of Foam Insulation

Uncomfortable drafts, cold floors, and high energy bills are just some of the problems that keep a family from experiencing their home’s full potential.

Every year thousands of Michigan families choose to take back control of their home’s comfort and energy efficiency issues by re-insulating their attic, walls, crawl space, or basement with superior spray foam insulation.

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Ten-minute video explaining all you need to know about foam insulation for your existing home.

Re-Insulating Your Whole House with Spray Foam Insulation Makes All the Difference

Insulate the Entire Home or Certain Problem Areas

Sealing up the entire building envelope will help to keep the outside air out and conditioned air in, providing your family with maximum comfort and energy efficiency. However, sometimes it makes sense to tackle certain problem areas first as budget allows, including:

Insulating Your Existing Home with RetroFoam of Michigan

Since 2002 we’ve insulated thousands of existing homes with foam insulation.

Our consultative project managers, highly skilled crews, and helpful office staff aim to guide you through the process with ease. To top things off, our lifetime warranty gives your family access to our family long after the job is complete.

"After being tired of big heating bills AND still being cold, I made the decision to use RetroFoam. From estimate to job completion, the guys were all pleasant, friendly, and answered all my questions clearly, and weren't afraid to take 2 minutes to make sure that I understood. I am extremely pleased with the job they did, and can happily say that I am sitting in a house that's holding its heat... finally! Thanks, guys. Your professionalism was outstanding."

Marzi Kolb Thompson

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Begin the journey to fall in love with your existing home again.

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