Attic Spray Foam Insulation

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Twelve-minute video explaining all you need to know about spray foam insulation for your attic.

Create Freedom from Outrageous Energy Bills with the Help of Attic Spray Foam Insulation

Monthly energy bills increase every time the furnace or air conditioner kicks on. Michigan homeowners with poor attic insulation see their expensive air, the air they pay to heat or cool their house, escape right through the attic.

Updating that old attic insulation with spray foam not only gives your furnace and air conditioner a break from constantly running but makes families happy with reduced monthly energy bills and the avoidance of other annoying problems like condensation, mold, and ice dams.

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Twelve-minute video explaining all you need to know about spray foam insulation for your attic.

Replacing Your Old Attic Insulation with Superior Spray Foam Makes a Huge Difference

A More Efficient Home is in Your Future

Spray foam insulation provides the critical air seal that keeps the cold air in your house in the summer and the warm air in your house in the winter - providing a more energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.


Removing Old Attic Insulation

For the spray foam to work properly, your old fiberglass or cellulose attic insulation will need to be removed. Our removal crew will roll up old fiberglass insulation and place it in large garbage bags or vacuum out cellulose with industrial size vacuums to ensure the area is all cleaned out and ready for spray foam. This is a challenging job that our specialized removal crew makes simple by removing and disposing of your old insulation.


Spraying the Attic Roof Deck vs. the Attic Flat

When insulating an attic with spray foam, the roof deck or the flat (floor) can be insulated. When the roof deck is insulated, the attic becomes a semi-conditioned space, no longer has extreme temperatures throughout the year, and is great for storage. If there are high peaks or a connected garage that shares the attic, it may be best to insulate the attic flat. Your estimator will explore these options with you during your estimate and recommend the best solution for your home.


Insulating Your Attic with RetroFoam of Michigan

Since 2002 we’ve insulated thousands of existing homes with foam insulation.

Our consultative project managers, highly skilled crews, and helpful office staff aim to guide you through the process with ease. To top things off, our lifetime warranty gives your family access to our family long after the job is complete.

"Had the roof deck in my attic and rim joists done on my house by Bill and his crew. From start to finish these guys were nothing but the best/friendliest/most professional company out there. I was sold from the minute I got my initial estimate, and ultimately, in the end, everything was delivered as promised. Not sure what these guys are making, but whatever they are, they deserve a raise because they 100% deserve it."

Thomas Oleksiak

“We had them insulate our attic space and our monthly bill (budget plan) went from $88 a month to $29. We can't believe the difference."

Terri Horn

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