Pole Barn Spray Foam Insulation

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Fourteen-minute video explaining all you need to know about spray foam for your pole barn.

Spray Foam Insulation Helps Create the Pole Barn You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Do you dread working in your pole barn in the extreme Michigan temperatures?

Whether it’s your man cave, a workshop, a second garage, or extra storage, we help homeowners take back control of the comfort and energy efficiency of their pole barns, metal buildings, and garages.

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Fourteen-minute video explaining all you need to know about spray foam for your pole barn.

The Right Pole Barn Insulation Makes All the Difference

A Better Pole Barn is Right Around the Corner

Spray foam insulation is the best choice for keeping a consistent temperature, controlling energy costs, and preventing future problems in pole barns.

After scheduling your free estimate, we’ll learn about your dreams for your pole barn and if you plan on leaving the walls exposed or finishing with drywall. We’ll discuss open and closed cell spray foam and what makes sense for your project.


Insulating the Pole Barn Walls

If the pole barn walls will be exposed, then closed cell spray foam is the better option. Closed cell foam is denser and can withstand a blow from a tool or even a forklift.

If you plan to cover the pole barn walls, you could use open cell spray foam. Open cell expands to do a better job of filling cracks and crevices. It also offers the same air seal with better sound dampening qualities than closed cell spray foam.


Insulating the Pole Barn Roof Deck

To complete the air seal in the pole barn, we suggest spraying open cell spray foam insulation on the roof deck. If your roof should ever leak, open cell foam will not hold water, so you will be able to find and fix leaks in a timely manner.


Insulating Your Pole Barn With RetroFoam of Michigan

Our consultative project managers, highly skilled crews, and helpful office staff aim to guide you through the entire process with ease. 

"Had RetroFoam do the ceiling in our barn. They were BY FAR the best contractor we dealt with during the building/finishing of the barn. They were super responsive, friendly, great to work with. Will definitely call again should the need arise!"

Deena Halifax McIntosh

"The RetroFoam crew was absolutely fantastic!! They foamed my entire 48x32 barn today and I am very very impressed with their work ethic, cleanliness, and professionalism! Great group of 5 guys!"

Steven Tischler

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