RetroFoam Injection Foam Insulation for Existing Walls

Greatly reduce annoying drafts and huge temperature swings in your home.

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Ten-minute video explaining all you need to know about injection foam insulation for your existing walls.

Ditch the Blankets and Extra Layers of Clothes with the Help of Retrofit Exterior Wall Insulation

You are sitting in your home during the winter and feel an annoying, cold draft.

Unfortunately, nobody forgot to shut the door - it is just another day in an uncomfortable home with insufficient or no wall insulation. Insulating the exterior wall cavities with RetroFoam injection foam will compress any old insulation in the walls and seal up the area to prevent air leakage - helping to reduce drafts, keep rooms more comfortable, control energy costs, and deaden outside noise.

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Ten-minute video explaining all you need to know about injection foam insulation for your existing walls.

Updating Your Exterior Wall Insulation with RetroFoam Injection Foam is a Great Decision for Your Family’s Comfort


A More Comfortable Home is Within Reach

The easy and convenient install process turns your family’s dream of a comfortable home into a reality - without the stress and mess of a full remodel.

Our retrofit exterior wall insulation process is quick, simple, and typically installed in just one day. Most walls are insulated from the outside, but we can also inject foam into walls from the inside if needed. However, the install process is slightly different depending on the home’s siding type - whether it is vinyl, aluminum, wood, brick, or block siding. 

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Insulating Your Existing Walls with RetroFoam of Michigan

We started insulating existing walls with RetroFoam in 2002. Thousands of projects later, we know what it takes to install a great product.

Our consultative project managers, highly skilled crews, and helpful office staff aim to guide you through the process with ease. To top things off, our lifetime warranty gives your family access to our family long after the job is complete.

Kevin Volker, RetroFoam Customer

“I was quite impressed”

Kevin Volker didn't just find frost outside in the winter -- he also found it forming inside his home on the walls.

As you can imagine, that is a real problem and a problem that led Kevin to update his existing wall insulation with RetroFoam.

Kevin’s home has siding and a brick exterior. He said the crews took such care removing his siding and drilling into the mortar -- there's no evidence on the outside the work was done. But on the inside, there's nothing but comfort.

“You can’t even tell they were there,” Kevin said.

Kevin Volker, RetroFoam Customer

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Tell cold drafts and uncomfortable rooms who’s the boss.

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