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Spray Foam Insulation for Cargo and Sprinter Vans

Because Your Camper or Work Van Deserves the Best

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Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Will Help Create the Work or Camper Van You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Whether you are converting your van into a camper or using it for work to transport specialty items, we help people get the most out of their vans with the help of spray foam insulation.

People from all across the state, as well as the United States, drive their van to our shop in Montrose, Michigan, to have us insulate it with closed cell spray foam. In fact, after people have read our articles and watched our videos about cargo van insulation, they brought their vans to us to be insulated from places like Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio.


The Right Van Insulation Makes All the Difference


With already limited space, closed cell foam doesn’t take up much room in the van while providing excellent durability.


Spray foam keeps you and the contents of your van comfortable by creating an air barrier to keep the cold or warm outside temperatures from creeping in.

Sound Deadening

Enjoy a more peaceful and quieter ride with the noise reduction qualities of spray foam insulation.

A Better Work or Camper Van is Just an Adventure Away

Having your van insulated by a professional spray foam insulation contractor is the best choice for owners who want to make sure their van is properly insulated.


Insulating Your Van with RetroFoam of Michigan

After discussing your project, measurements, and agreeing on an install plan, you would drive your van to our shop in Michigan to have it insulated. We’re located about 90 minutes north of Detroit between Flint and Saginaw

Customers should have the van all cleaned out by the time it arrives in the shop, and we’ll take it from there.

The spray foam install for vans is normally a two-day process where the owner drops off the van the day before the scheduled install and we insulate it the following day. Most people from out of town have stayed the night in Birch Run - right off the freeway with lots of places to stay, eat, and shop.

Two inches of closed cell spray foam is a great application because it is durable and provides an air seal. We’ll spray the areas you like, typically the top, sides, and back door. Some have even framed out the floor, and we’ve sprayed that as well.

Our Start to Finish Process

  • Submit Your Van Measurements for a Free Quote
  • Create a Personalized Plan for Your Van
  • Schedule, Prep, and Install your Insulation
  • Follow Up and Warranty

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"Jacob and crew did a great job insulating my 2020 Promaster Van. They delivered as promised, paying attention to detail. I have a great start to build this vehicle in to an efficient RV. Thanks."

William Riehl

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to insulate cargo or sprinter vans with spray foam?

The process to insulate a van with spray foam is basically taking everything out of it and separating the cab and dividing wall from the area to be sprayed. Once this is done, the walls, ceiling, and backdoor are sprayed. The process takes 2 to 4 hours. Learn more.

How much does it cost to insulate a van with foam insulation?

The cost to insulate a sprinter or cargo van with 2-inches of closed cell spray foam insulation starts at $1,600.

Will foam insulation damage the metal on the van?

Although it’s not that common, there is the possibility the spray foam could slightly bow out the outer wall. However, this doesn’t damage the van at all. Learn more.

Can I still hang panels in my van after the spray foam is installed?

Yes. The foam is applied at only two inches thick. During installation, we are careful not to cover the fastening points.

What about insulating the van floor?

We recommend this because it makes a big difference. Keep in mind it does add cost to the project and should be framed out.

How should I prep my van to be insulated?

All of your furniture should be taken out and the door panels removed. All wiring should be taped, or zip-tied together. Also, make sure the van is as clean as possible. Learn more.

Is it safe to drive my van the same day it is insulated?

Absolutely. The workspace where the van is insulated is ventilated during the installation. With this being said, there still could be a lingering odor, but it is safe to drive that same day.

Can I insulate my van as a DIY project or should I hire a professional?

If you want closed cell spray foam in your van, then the best bet is to have a professional do the work. If you’re not experienced in spray foam application, you could end up with wasted materials and a huge mess. Learn more.

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