At RetroFoam of Michigan, We're More Than Just a Foam Insulation Company

Spray Foam Insulation is What We Do. Making a Difference is Why We Do It.

About RetroFoam of Michigan

Since 2002, more than 16,000 customers have trusted RetroFoam of Michigan to insulate their existing home, new home, or pole barn across the lower peninsula and greater Toledo area.

We were the very first RetroFoam dealer established here in the United States and we’re currently the largest. 

In the early days, the company started in a driveway with just the owner. As time has gone on, RetroFoam of Michigan has continued to grow boasting nine crews, who are all employees of the company, a large customer concierge office, project managers, as well as a marketing department. 

The benefit of our growth over the years is that we’ve learned as we’ve grown to perfect our craft and how to better service our customers. While things are definitely different than they were in the beginning, one thing hasn’t changed -- we are still one big, happy family. 

So, what is it about us, our history, and the work we do that led so many homeowners to trust us?

It comes down to our philosophy and company culture.

We believe no one should have to live in an uncomfortable home or have an unbearable workspace. We also believe in helping people save money instead of spending all of their extra money paying off their monthly energy bills.

Saving money and working to create energy-efficient homes and structures is a priority to us, but it’s not just all talk. We have partnered with Consumers Energy and have been recognized for our hard work by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

We first received the Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club Award in 2019 and again in 2020. We received these prestigious awards because of the number of home performance jobs we completed, which was more than 100 each year.

We have received several other awards as well that speak to our mission to help homeowners have a much more comfortable and energy-efficient space.

"They went above and beyond.  They made me a customer for life. Their attention to detail, teamwork, communication, and efficiency were top notch. RetroFoam of Michigan will absolutely stand by their work and take care of you.  Highly recommend them."

Ben Rollenhagen

“Finally a contractor who offers a product and goes above and beyond!!! And the clean up was unbelievable! I can’t wait to have the rest of the house done. Again thank you.”

Frederick Ameel

"We love RetroFoam. We had it done in October of 2019 and we just can’t believe what we saved in our gas bill and in this Summer in our electric bill. We use to hear the wind outside when it would be windy out and how we don’t hear it. If you are tired of high gas and electric bills, you need RetroFoam."

Larry Sparks



First and foremost, we strive to give the people we work with an unheard-of contractor experience.

This includes our mission to educate everyone who comes across our company during their home insulation research. From articles to videos in our extensive Learning Center, we want to make sure that we answer every possible question honestly and transparently.

When you work with us, we promise you’ll get a fair, upfront quote from one of our project managers. We promise you won’t have to deal with any high-pressure sales tactics or haggling. You will always get the best price we have to offer upfront, and you’ll never have to worry that someone else got a better deal.

“Several years ago, my grandparents were looking to buy new windows. I witnessed firsthand as the salesperson started off at $8,000 and lowered the price each time my grandpa said no, ending up at half of the original price. If my grandpa would have bought at the original price, he would have spent several thousand more than he should have, and that isn’t right. I never wanted to put anyone through that.”

Mark Massey, Owner of RetroFoam of Michigan

From our very first contact with prospective customers, we work hard to provide an exceptional concierge-level experience. We ensure that we are available for any and all questions from the very beginning to the very end and beyond. There is never a time that we want a homeowner to feel like they are left in the dark. 

The Lifetime Warranty we offer ties right into this as it covers the product and workmanship of our foam insulation services. This warranty will stay with the home for as long as it’s standing and is transferable if the house is sold to someone else.

Another aspect of our core values is that we treat everyone we work with exactly how we would want to be treated. This means treating every house like we would treat our own grandma’s house. We make sure once the job is done, the home looks like we were never there. This is the kind of respect RetroFoam of Michigan brings to every single job.







We Desire to Make a Difference

Yes, we love insulating homes and pole barns across Michigan. However, we are just as passionate, maybe even more, about the difference we can make in our little part of the world.

We start this right in our own backyard by providing jobs to people from the Mid-Michigan area, as well as around the state. Once they’re hired here, they’re part of the RetroFoam of Michigan family, and we invest in our family.

Every employee is offered the chance to better themselves through training, workshops, and even a Dale Carnegie course to improve their personal and work relationships. More than 60 percent of our employees have taken and completed the “How to Make Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie course.

This training, we believe, is what helps our employees to work together like a well-oiled machine.

We like to work as a team to help grant wishes for Michigan kids with life-threatening medical conditions.

RetroFoam of Michigan partnered with Make-A-Wish Michigan in 2016, and the way we help is two-fold.

Insulating for Wishes is a program by our company to donate a minimum of $5 from each project we insulate. Thanks to the homeowners’ generosity we work with, that donation is often matched and many times exceeded. Our goal is to grant one to two wishes for these Michigan kids at the end of each year.

The Wish-A-Mile bike tour is another way we are involved with Make-A-Wish Michigan. Team RetroFoam is usually made up of five to 10 riders who get on their bicycles to ride across the state to raise money to grant those wishes. We have riders who take part in the three-day, 300-mile ride, and the one-day 50-mile ride. We also have several team members who volunteer their time to help run the break stop we sponsor each year.

Get to Know Team RetroFoam of Michigan

Before requesting an estimate, get to know our office staff, project managers, and foremen to give you an idea who you’ll be working with.

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