Crawl Space Spray Foam Insulation

Because Wearing Thick Wool Socks at Home Should Be a Choice and Not a Necessity

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Toss Those Thick Wool Socks with the Help of Spray Foam Insulation in the Crawl Space

Are cold floors and freezing pipes on the agenda every year when it turns cold?

Poor or no insulation in your crawl space allows the cold outside air to leak through, causing a variety of problems during the cold Michigan winters.

Replacing your old crawl space insulation with spray foam creates an air seal to keep the cold air out - preventing pipes from freezing and reducing your family’s complaints of cold floors.


Seventeen-minute video explaining all you need to know about spray foam insulation for your crawl space.

Updating Your Crawl Space with Spray Foam Insulation Improves Your Home

The Dream of a Better Home Can Become a Reality

The crawl space installation process is quick and easy for homeowners ready to cross off cold floors and frozen pipes from their yearly occurrences.


Insulating Your Crawl Space with RetroFoam of Michigan

We’ve successfully insulated crawl spaces in new and existing homes for more than 17 years across Michigan’s lower peninsula.

Our consultative project managers, highly skilled crews, and helpful office staff have a mission to guide you through the whole process with ease. Our work also comes standard with a lifetime warranty.

Removing Old Crawl Space Insulation

For the spray foam to do its job properly, the old fiberglass insulation will need to be removed. Our removal crew will roll up the old fiberglass, placing it in large bags, and then dispose of it. It’s a dirty job, but our removal crews are experts at getting the space nice and ready for the spray foam insulation installation.

Insulating the Crawl Space Walls or Ceiling

If there are ductwork and mechanicals present in the crawl space, we recommend laying plastic down on the ground and then spraying the crawl space walls as well as the rim joist. Doing this will seal off the foundation of your home, allowing the crawl space to be around the same temperature as the rest of the home.

An added bonus of this installation method is that the heat from the mechanicals in the crawl space will move freely through the floors, adding even more comfort.

If there are no mechanicals or ductwork present in the crawl space, crews would instead spray the crawl space ceiling to air seal the crawl space completely from the rest of the home.

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"...Every worker was very nice and professional and even wore masks to help protect us too. House is already warmer now. Drafts along floors are gone. Thank you so much for all the help!"

Matt and Kathy Ward

“We live in northern Michigan on a lake. The floors are always cold in the winter. Inquired about RetroFoam insulating my crawl space. When the salesman told me the crawl would now stay the same temperature as the rest of the house, I thought, "right." I put a wireless thermometer in the crawl space. Actually, the temperature in the crawl space is 7 to 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house!! And no more cold floors!! I'm kinda amazed. Thank you, RetroFoam of Michigan!!"

Michael R.

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