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By: Amanda Ringler on April 24th, 2017

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Is Foam Insulation Safe to Have in My Home? [Video]

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While you may know whether more traditional forms of insulation are safe in your home, you may be asking yourself is spray foam insulation safe?

The quick answer to that question is yes, both injection and spray foam insulation are safe to have in every area of your home.

RetroFoam of Michigan uses the safest products on the market. Our Icynene spray foam is certified Gold Green and it is very efficient in creating an air barrier in your home while helping to reduce monthly energy bills. It also has minimal off gassing. We’ve used the material in hospitals, fire stations, retirement homes, and public schools.

RetroFoam injection foam actually has no off gassing whatsoever. It is completely non-toxic and safe to install in your home.

Learning More About Foam Insulation

If you would like to learn more about spray and injection foam insulation, check out our Guide to Insulation.

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