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Insulation Contractor Vetting Checklist: What You Need to Look For Before Signing the Contract

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Insulation Contractor Vetting Checklist: What You Need to Look For Before Signing the Contract Blog Feature
Amanda Ringler

By: Amanda Ringler on November 3rd, 2021

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Are you courting a few potential insulation contractors and need to know how to narrow down your choices?

It’s almost like speed dating, but you care less about their interests and more about their experience. We get it and know that it can be hard to figure out what information you need to make the best decision for your insulation project.

We here at RetroFoam of Michigan have gotten some great questions from homeowners who are going through this vetting process. We’ve included some of those questions here, as well as some that we know can help you choose the best insulation contractor for your home.

In our continued efforts to educate homeowners, we have listed some great things to inquire about and why they’re so important.

Insulation Contractor Vetting Checklist

You want the best insulation contractor for the job, so here are some questions to ask to make sure that happens.

What Insulation Materials Do They Offer?

A good insulation contractor will be able to tell you every detail about the material they use.

They should also be able to give you information on the other materials that could work for your project and suggest the best fit for your needs.

Are They a Licensed Contractor in Your State?

It’s important when choosing an insulation contractor to make sure they are not only licensed but licensed in the state where they will be working.

If the contractor is licensed in Ohio, but working in Michigan, then it could end up costing the homeowner money. When a contractor applies for a license, they are required to show proof of insurance, but we’ll have more on that in a bit.

Do They Offer Any Kind of Warranty?

A warranty is more important than you might think, as it is protecting you and will cover you if there is a problem in the future.

The warranty usually covers the product and the installation workmanship, but that can vary from contractor to contractor.

It comes in handy if areas are missed or if the insulation was installed incorrectly, as well as if there is any damage done to the home. It all comes down to what the contractor specifies in the warranty, so make sure you read the fine print.

Do They Carry Liability Insurance and Workers Comp?

These are both important for a potential contractor to have as it protects you the homeowner.

The liability insurance will protect you if there is damage done to your home as that policy will pay for the damages and you don’t have to file a claim with your homeowners’ insurance.

Workers comp also protects you if a member of the contractor’s crew is injured on the job at your home.

Check Out Their Reviews and Ask to Speak to Customer References

There is nothing wrong in this case for lurking on someone’s social media presence.

Check out the contractor’s Google and Yelp reviews.

Are they on Facebook? If so, read those reviews too.

See what previous customers are saying about them online. It also doesn’t hurt to ask if they have previous customers who might be willing to talk to you about their experience.

Are They Familiar with the Federal Regulations on Home Insulation?

The Insulation Contractors Association of America suggests your insulation contractor be well versed in federal regulations.

This means the contractor can explain the material’s R-Value to you.

Keep in mind for a material like foam, R-Value doesn’t tell the whole story, but the contractor needs to be able to explain how the air seal it creates is far greater than just the R-Value.

Hiring the Best Insulation Contractor for Your Home

RetroFoam of Michigan offers a lifetime warranty, we’re licensed, insured, experienced, and have a vast knowledge of building science and insulation code.

Those are the qualities you want in the insulation contractor you decide to hire.

If you have more questions about buying home insulation, check out our article Home Insulation: Everything Homeowners Need to Know.

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