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6 Questions to Consider When Building the Home of Your Dreams
Amanda Ringler

By: Amanda Ringler on October 21st, 2019

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6 Questions to Consider When Building the Home of Your Dreams

new home construction

You’ve decided to build the home of your dreams, but have you taken everything into consideration so you can make it a reality?

Knowing your expectations and questioning your expenses are just a few of the things you should consider when building your new home. 

Here at RetroFoam of Michigan, we have insulated our fair share of new build homes. We know there are some questions a homeowner needs to ask themselves to make the home building experience go smoothly.

In our continued efforts to educate homeowners, we compiled this list of questions you should ask yourself when building a house.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a House

Building the home of your dreams is a really exciting endeavor, but if you don’t plan ahead and ask yourself these questions, you could be in for some frustration.

Here are some questions to consider in no particular order.

What Is My Expectation for My New Home?

There are two routes you can go when building a new home – a home that is customizable to your plans or a house with an existing floor plan with no design options.

You can also go with an option that is a mixture of both. The important thing is to make sure you and your builder are on the same page and you are crystal clear about how involved you want to be.

How Do I Know I’ve Got the Right Builder for My New Home?

Choosing the right builder for your new home is a big deal. 

The best way to know you have the best contractor for your project requires some homework on your part. Ask to see examples of their work, check their references, and ask for a referral from past customers. You should also make sure they are licensed and insured, and that they understand your needs and what you want.

What Features to Consider When Building a New Home?

Features can be things that are practical and amenities that are more about your lifestyle.

The features you want in your new home need to be well thought out before construction begins. This is because it can change the entire plan and layout of your home and you don’t want to make those kinds of decisions as the work is ongoing because it can slow production.

Practical features like wheelchair accessibility, walk-in showers, and ramps are all things that need to be well thought out and part of the planning process. The same can be said for lifestyle features like a pool or wine cellar.

How Long Will Construction Take?

There’s not a quick answer to this one.

It all comes down to everything that needs to be done and what the plan calls for. If you’re building a single-family home, it could be around seven months if everything goes smoothly. A larger, custom-built house could take more than a year.

In this case, it makes the most sense to talk it over with your builder and make sure timelines are put into place.

Where Should I Splurge and Where Should I Save Money?

There are a few spots where you can go the extra mile in cost and others you actually can save some dough.

You definitely won’t want to cut costs for insulation, windows, doors, and of course labor. These are things that can really end up costing you more money in the long run if you don’t do it right the first time.

You can cut back cost for things like the fixtures and finishes in your new home. In some instances, you can also shave off some money on building supplies, not by buying cheaper materials but going for functionality.

For example, if you choose spray foam in your home you can actually use 2x4 wall assemblies instead of 2x6 because the foam only takes up a few inches. A thing to keep in mind though is you can still choose foam for 2x6 walls and have the extra room for wiring and plumbing. It’s up to you.

How Energy Efficient Do I Want My House to Be?

More and more homeowners are making their homes more energy efficient.

Whether it’s to lower their carbon footprint or save money on their monthly energy bills, energy efficiency is a way of life for many. With all that being said, how much are you willing to put into the energy efficiency of your home?

It goes beyond just your appliances, as construction materials, HVAC, insulation, and many other things can lend themselves to your home’s energy efficiency. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go and how much you want to spend.

Choosing Insulation for Your New Build Home

Insulation is just one of the things you want to do right the first time around.

The thing about traditional insulation like fiberglass or cellulose is that over time these materials will sag, settle, and shift over time leaving you with air leaks. Spray foam insulation creates an air seal making your home energy efficient and doesn’t need to be replaced or maintained as time goes on.

If you’d like to learn more about spray foam insulation for your new home, check out the Learning Center on our website.

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About Amanda Ringler

Amanda previously has worked as a breaking news and crime reporter, TV news producer, and editor in Flint and Detroit. Throughout her career as a journalist, she has won several awards from the The Society of Professional Journalists - Detroit Chapter and the Michigan Press Association. As part of the RetroFoam of Michigan family, Amanda uses her experience as a journalist to write content that will help educate homeowners on the benefits of foam insulation. When Amanda isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her husband and rescued huskies. She also loves knitting, making art, cooking, and hosting dinner and a movie night for friends and family.