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How Much Do DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits Cost in 2024?

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How Much Do DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits Cost in 2024? Blog Feature
Amanda Ringler

By: Amanda Ringler on January 20th, 2023

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You are doing some research on spray foam insulation kits to insulate small areas of your home, and now you are curious about how much Do-It-Yourself spray foam insulation kits cost.

The amount of foam the kit makes is one of the main factors that determines its price. If you’re insulating a very small area, then a smaller two-component spray foam kit could do the job. When insulating a larger space, you may need to buy more than one of the larger two-component kits.

In these cases, size matters.

RetroFoam of Michigan has more than 20 years of experience insulating thousands of homes across the Mitten and greater Toledo area. While we don’t sell or use DIY spray foam kits, we know about all things foam insulation because it’s all we do.

In an effort to continue to educate homeowners, we have gathered information on the cost of DIY spray foam insulation kits from some of the most popular spray foam kit manufacturers like Dow and Tiger Foam.

Best Price Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Spray foam insulation cost

The cost to insulate a home varies depending on the size of the area to be insulated.

Here is a look at the spray foam kits available and their cost from Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Tiger Foam. When looking at the coverage available, it is good to note that 1 board foot is equal to 1 square foot of coverage at 1 inch. In most cases, a minimum of 2- to 3-inches of spray foam is required to provide a proper air seal.

Dow Spray Foam Kit Cost

  • Froth-Pak 12 Sealant Foam Insulation Kit – Yields approximately 12 board feet.  Ideal for roof and wall junctions, wall and attic, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing penetrations in the building envelope. $60.98 from Lowe’s.
  • Froth-Pak 200 Foam Sealant Kit – The kit yields coverage of 200 square feet at a 1-inch depth. $389 from Lowe’s and Home Depot.
  • Froth-Pak 620 Sealant Foam Insulation Kit – This kit yields approximately 620 board feet. It can be used in all areas of the home. $1,005.04 from Lowe’s and Home Depot.
  • Froth-Pak 650 Foam Insulation Kit – This kit yields approximately 650 board feet. This kit can be used anywhere in the home. $1,082.78 from Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Tiger Foam Insulation Cost

  • Fast Rise Formula 200 Board Foot Kit – This closed cell kit yields 200 board feet (16 cubic feet). It can be used in open walls, attics, and crawl spaces. The online price is $365 on Tiger Foam’s website.
  • Fast Rise 600 Board Foot Kit – This closed cell kit yields approximately 600 board feet. This kit can be used in open walls, attics, and crawl spaces. $785 on Tiger Foam’s website.
  • Slow Rise 600 Board Foot Kit – This closed cell spray foam kit can yield around 516 board feet. This can be used in existing walls, according to Tiger Foam. $850 on Tiger Foam’s website.
  • Open Cell Formula – 1,350 Board Feet Spray Foam Insulation Kit – This kit yields around 1,350 board feet. This kit can be used in open walls and attics. The online price for this kit is $785.

What Isn't Included in DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kit Costs

The above prices don’t include the cost of other materials such as coveralls or a hooded suit, eye protection, gloves, and masks. 

You'll also need to make sure you buy plastic and tape for prepping to ensure the spray foam doesn't get where you don't want it. Other costs include getting rid of your old insulation at a dump, buying garbage bags, and the cost of your own time to do the work, as well as the time it's going to take to learn exactly how to use the do-it-yourself foam insulation kit.

Most of the kits come with additional hoses and guns, but those items clog easily. Buying replacements is another added expense.

Where to Use DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Spray foam insulation kits can be used in any area of the home that is open.

These areas include the attic, open wall cavities, crawl space, and rim joist. Also, around the windows, doors, and to patch existing insulation.

What you will want to keep in mind is the area's size to be insulated, along with the proper thickness in inches of foam needed. The prices above are for one kit only, so insulating larger areas or multiple spaces could get costly.

Do-It-Yourself Spray Foam Insulation vs. Hiring a Contractor

The prices listed above cover just the spray foam kits if you decide to do the job yourself.

If the project seems too big for your abilities, you may decide to hire a contractor instead.

Hiring a contractor would be more expensive, but that extra cost comes with peace of mind that the job will be done correctly.  It’s also important to note that you will have to buy not only enough product to finish the job, but also enough to cover any wasted product lost while learning how to use it.

Also, keep in mind that insulation contractors usually have a minimum job cost. In some cases, spray foam kits work really well for small projects, so it wouldn’t make sense to hire a contractor. However, when you crunch the numbers for a job, even as little as a rim joist, and factor in your time and wasted material, it will probably be cheaper to hire a contractor. This is especially true if they offer a warranty.

Hiring an experienced contractor is advised to save yourself the headache of a mishap, wasted materials, and to avoid damage to your home. A good contractor doesn’t use foam insulation kits. This is because they’re challenging to use and are often times inferior to the high-pressure spray foam products used by professionals.

Learning More About Foam Insulation

You’ve learned how much the DIY spray foam kits cost, so now you may be looking to learn even more about foam insulation benefits.

From making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable to reducing outside noise from getting into the house, spray foam has a lot to offer.

If you’d like to learn about all things foam insulation, check out the Learning Center on our website.

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