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How to Prevent Cold Floors in the Winter

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How to Prevent Cold Floors in the Winter Blog Feature

By: Ryan Litwiller on February 8th, 2021

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You just arrived home from a long, stressful day at work and all you want to do is read the newspaper.

You open up your iPad, click on your favorite publication’s app and plop down onto your recliner, trying to block out the blustery Michigan winter outside.

Just as you are finally starting to relax, settling nicely into your happy place, you set your feet on the floor -- big mistake.

The floor is freezing cold, and that temperature shoots through your body, instantly stirring up trouble and irritation along the way.

RetroFoam of Michigan has more than 17 years of experience insulating thousands of homes across the lower peninsula and greater Toledo area. We know how to fix cold floors, so you can come home and kick your shoes off with no worries.

Foam insulation is all we do, but something else we focus on is educating homeowners. In this article, we'll explain the signs and symptoms you need new insulation, the cause of those cold floors, and how to fix them.

Cold Floor in House? Signs and Symptoms You Need to Update Your Insulation

If there is little to no insulation in your crawl space or rim joist, all of the cold air from outside is getting inside your home, but don't worry, you’re not alone.

You, Michigan homeowner, are suffering from cold feet -- cold feet caused not by the fear of a huge decision, rather by a cold floor in your house.

In addition to cold floors in your house, you may even experience freezing pipes, which is extremely inconvenient. Don’t forget a chilly basement and your HVAC system working ridiculously hard on top of that.

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Why Are My Floors So Cold?

The foundation in your home can leak a substantial amount of air since it’s just off the ground.

Having cold floors in the winter is likely caused by poor insulation in your home’s rim joist or crawl space - areas connected to the foundation.

Many homes in Michigan are stuck with the original fiberglass insulation in these locations, allowing air to simply pass through with nothing more than a wave and a “how are you?”

Some homes don’t have any insulation in these areas, which will almost guarantee cold floors in the winter.

How to Fix Cold Floors

Crawl space spray foam insulation

Now that you know you and your house have a problem, it’s obviously time to brainstorm a solution.

Let us suggest spray foam insulation.

Spray foam is the best solution to insulate both your rim joist and your crawl space. The spray foam insulation will tightly insulate and air seal your foundation, ensuring a noticeable absence of the air leaks that characterized your home before.

Soon the cold floors will be a distant memory.

So jump back on the recliner, unlock your iPad and find out who was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night.

Then put your feet down and relax, this time for real.

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