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By: Ryan Litwiller on February 4th, 2016

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Semco Energy Rebates

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These days creating a protective layer around your home can increase your comfort and qualify you for cash back.

If you plan to update your insulation and/or replace your windows this year, there are Semco Energy rebates tailored to your needs.

And they’re quite generous.

We’re talking up to $250 for insulation upgrades and $75 for window replacements, according to the Semco Energy rebates program.

Applying for the rebates is simple. Review the following steps on your way to a more comfortable home and cash in your mailbox.

1. Are you eligible?

You must be a Semco Energy customer at the time of the installation. If so, move forward with the installation. The upgrade also has to occur during the calendar year you are applying.

2. Gather the paperwork

To redeem the Semco Energy rebates, compile the following items:

  • A copy of your paid in full invoice for equipment
  • A copy of your AHRI certificate for applicable upgrades
  • Semco Energy account number and most recent bill
  • Contractor information, if necessary

Fill out the Semco Energy rebates application, ensuring you sign it at the end. Then attach the previously compiled paperwork.

3. Submit the package

Review that all the information was entered correctly. If so, send the information via mail. And like most good rebates it has a time component: you must submit the rebate within 90 days of the work being completed.

Let RetroFoam Submit Your Semco Insulation Rebates

When RetroFoam of Michigan insulates your home we can typically fill out and submit any rebates you qualify for, saving your time and stress! We don’t forget about you after the job is completed!