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With No More Shade Trees, Frankenmuth Couple Turn to RetroFoam of Michigan to Keep Their Home Cool in the Summer

By: Ryan Litwiller on June 6th, 2016

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With No More Shade Trees, Frankenmuth Couple Turn to RetroFoam of Michigan to Keep Their Home Cool in the Summer

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A lot can change to a property after 40 years.

When Jim and Jan first moved into their Frankenmuth home they had several large shade trees along the driveway.

Over the years these massive trees that once provided shade for the east side of the house were cut down due to damage from storms. Recently, the last shade tree had to be cut down and there was no more protection from the summer Michigan sun. This caused the kitchen area of the house to be very hot and uncomfortable.

Jim and Jan also noticed on their Consumers bill that their energy usage was higher than many of their neighbors. After seeing a RetroFoam of Michigan ad on TV and Facebook, and talking to their neighbor who had their home re-insulated by RetroFoam, they decided it was time to re-insulate their exterior walls with foam insulation.

RetroFoam of Michigan insulated Jim and Jan’s home this spring. As temperature rose to over 80 degrees and it got time to turn on the air conditioner, they noticed the home stayed much cooler than it had in the past.

“The comfort level was much better after RetroFoam,” Jan explained.

Not only did they notice a major improvement in the comfort in their home, but they also received a rebate from Consumers Energy as part of the Windows and Insulation program for adding energy efficient foam insulation in their exterior walls.

With the air conditioner running less this summer, the Frankenmuth couple are looking forward to reduced monthly energy bills.

“We are very happy with our investment in RetroFoam,” said Jim. “John, Anthony, and the entire crew was great to work with.”

To see how RetroFoam can help your home stay cool in the summer, fill out the form on this page or call us at 866-900-3626 to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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