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The Home of Foam Blog

The Home of Foam Blog offers homeowners education and expert tips to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home with spray foam insulation.

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common wall insulation  |  customer story  |  existing home insulation  |  retrofoam home insulation

Monthly Energy Bills Savings from Foam Insulation ‘Paid Itself Off’ in Just 5 Years, according to Homeowner Jack Lash

“It made the difference like night and day.”

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closed cell spray foam  |  customer story  |  spray foam insulation  |  tiny house

Spray Foam Essential in Transforming Amish Shed into Tiny Home

Many people choose tiny house living because it is a way to lessen their carbon footprint, and saves them money on monthly utilities.

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Ultimate Guide to Insulation for Existing Homes

Have questions about insulating your existing home with foam? Our free educational guide compares home insulation types while answering the most frequently asked questions, including the process and pricing of foam insulation.

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crawl space spray foam insulation  |  customer story  |  energy efficiency  |  existing home insulation  |  exterior walls insulation

Learn How Scott Saved Big Bucks on His Monthly Energy Bills with Foam Insulation

Comfort isn’t always the biggest problem in a home – sometimes it’s when the monthly energy bills show up.

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Case Study  |  Consumers Energy  |  customer story  |  injection foam insulation  |  spray foam insulation

How Betty Jo Reduced Her Consumers Energy Bill in Half

For three years the Thrall family lived in their Jackson, Michigan home dealing with walls so cold it felt like they were outside. The furnace ran non-stop, gas bills were through the roof, and the Consumers Energy bill was about double the mortgage. The home would get so cold in the winter it was impossible for Betty Jo to even have plants.

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