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By: Ryan Litwiller on February 1st, 2016

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Call it the billion dollar giveaway.

No, it’s not the Powerball jackpot. That’s how much Michigan residents and businesses have actually saved since 2009 by taking advantage of Consumers Energy rebates, according to the company.

While some rebates involve complex upgrades to a home or business, one type of rebate for qualifying energy efficient improvements is simple: insulation and windows.

It’s easy, the money is good, and plenty of people have taken advantage of this program.

“Every day, Michigan homeowners make good use of rebates for insulation and windows, “ said Brian M. Wheeler, spokesman for Consumers Energy. “Homeowners can get cash back up to $400 for insulation and $15 for each replacement window or $40 for each glass door opening.”

The Consumers Energy rebates have another financial incentive: reduced energy costs.

“Adding insulation is among the most cost-effective ways to lower your home’s energy bills,” Wheeler said. “Windows that are efficient, too, make a significant difference in keeping outside air from seeping inside your home, helping keep energy bills low.”

Securing Consumers Energy rebates involves three main steps.

1. Determine rebates

First, visit the Consumers Energy web page dedicated to explaining each rebate. After selecting the insulation and windows tab to see an overview of the program, click the rebate chart tab. The extensive chart describes the different types of insulation and window updates eligible and their corresponding rebate value. Please note, the rebates differ depending on what type of customer you are - natural gas and/or electric.

2. Install upgrades

Purchase and then install the insulation and/or windows you selected after consulting the rebate chart. The rebate is applicable whether you install everything yourself or you hire a professional insulation contractor, like RetroFoam of Michigan, to insulate your walls, attic, basement, crawl space, or rim joist.

3. Apply quickly

Finally, using the online application process, apply for your Consumers Energy rebates within 30 days of completing your improvements. You should receive your check in the mail within six to eight weeks.

It’s important to note the Consumers Energy rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis until the rebate program’s funds are used up, according to the company. There also are rebates for new home construction, home performance, heating and cooling, and lighting among other categories.

RetroFoam of Michigan Customers

If you hire RetroFoam of Michigan to insulate your home, we don't forget about you after the job is completed. We’ll make it easy for you to submit any rebates you qualify for – typically filling out the paperwork on your behalf! We like to get our customers rebates so much that Consumers awarded RetroFoam of Michigan the Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award for Highest Total Electrical Savings for the last two years.