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Michigan’s Local Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

At RetroFoam of Michigan we use spray foam insulation to help homeowners create the home or pole barn they’ve always dreamed of.

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Professional Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Offering Services for Existing Homes, New Homes, and Pole Barns Across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

From helping to maximize your comfort and energy efficiency to tackling a remodeling project or new addition, we’ve got your project covered with superior spray and injection foam insulation.

Some of the Problems We Solve With Foam Insulation

The superior insulating and air sealing characteristics of foam insulation can fix and prevent a variety of common problems in homes and pole barns, including:

Comfort Issues

Certain rooms are always too hot or too cold causing your family to loathe your home.

High Energy Bills

The furnace or air conditioner is constantly running and creating massive monthly energy bills.

Major Annoyances

Ice dams, freezing pipes, mold and condensation issues are concerning and wasting your valuable time.

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Is Your Current Insulation Holding Your Family Hostage?

Your family deserves a comfortable home and freedom from high energy bills. Download the checklist to see if your family is experiencing any of the signs it may be time to update your old insulation.

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A Better Home or Pole Barn Is Right Around the Corner

Your family shouldn’t have to deal with cold drafts, inconsistent room temperatures, or outrageous energy bills.

Pole Barn Spray Foam Closed Cell

Working With RetroFoam of Michigan

During the past 15 years more than 10,000 customers have trusted RetroFoam of Michigan as their local insulation contractor to insulate their existing home, new home, or pole barn.

Our process is easy and convenient to help homeowners through their insulation buying journey, from the first call to schedule the estimate through the completion of the job.

Our stress-free process includes:

  • Scheduling a Free Estimate
  • Creating a Personalized Plan for Your Project
  • Schedule, Prep and Install your Insulation
  • Follow Up and Warranty

Hear What Our Customers are Saying About RetroFoam

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Flint Homeowner Drops Energy Usage by 40% With Foam Insulation and HVAC Upgrades

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Spray Foam Insulation a Must Have in Alma Farmhouse Renovation

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RetroFoam Customer Sees, Hears, and Feels Benefits of Foam Insulation

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Get Insights and Expert Tips on Foam Insulation

Learn more about foam insulation and tips to get the most out of your home or pole barn.


The Ultimate Foam Insulation Buying Guide: Existing Homes

Our free educational guide compares home insulation types while answering the most common questions, including the install process and pricing of foam insulation.

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The Ultimate Foam Insulation Buying Guide for Pole Barns

Learn how spray foam insulation is a great choice for keeping a consistent temperature and controlling energy costs in pole barns, along with the install process and cost of foam insulation.

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Open Cell vs. Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Wondering what type of foam insulation is best for your project? Learn the differences between open and closed cell foam insulation, and what situations each work best in.

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