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Does Your Home Feel Like an Icebox in the Winter and a Sauna in the Summer?

When you bought your home you probably looked at your family room as a great place where you could spend quality time with the kids.

Now, that’s not the case because it is so cold in the winter, you’re all counting the minutes when you’ll be able to find warmth somewhere else. The summer isn’t any better as the whole family tries to seek reprieve in a cooler part of the house.

If you have uncomfortable rooms in your home, these are just some of the things that really start to irk you.

No one wants to spend time in a room that doesn’t maintain a constant, comfortable temperature. And, no one wants to keep yelling at junior to close the refrigerator door when he’s trying to find a way to cool off.

Looking at your home as a whole, how many rooms do you have that are uncomfortable no matter what time of year it is? Honestly, even one uncomfortable room is too many, but we’re here to help.

What Causes an Uncomfortable Home?

Every square foot of your home can be uncomfortable and while it’s different spaces, the cause is the same – little to no insulation.

Let’s start from the top of the house and work our way right down to the bottom.


You’re likely wondering how little to no insulation in your attic can affect your home’s comfort and it’s really easy – heat rises and without insulation to stop it that heat is going right out through your roof. 

You want that heat to stay in your home and circulate throughout. 

Second Floor

Another comfort issue you’ll find with no insulation in the attic is a second story that is too hot during the summer. Again, that heat is going to rise essentially turning your upstairs into an oven.

First Floor

Next up, The first floor of your home.

Imagine that cold winter air creeping inside your home. You feel those cold drafts creeping in, but where are they coming from? 

Exterior Walls

With no insulation to slow it down or stop it, that cold air is coming in through your exterior walls.

The same thing is happening in the summer – hot air is coming in through the walls leaving you to try and make the house cooler any way possible.

Crawl Space / Rim Joist

Finally, let’s talk about what happens if your crawl space and rim joist don’t have insulation.

Are you finding that you have to wear two pairs of socks to walk across your wood floors? That is all of the outside air coming in up through the crawl space and rim joist making your floors cold.

As you can see, a lack of insulation in your home is responsible for all of the comfort issues you experience year-round, but how do you fix it?

"I am a repeat customer, I was so impressed with my energy savings the first time that when I moved I had to do it again. The work crew was wonderful, when they left the only sign that anyone had been here is that my home was cozy and warm. It's absolutely the best thing to do for your home.”

Ann Miller

How Foam Insulation Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Here we are about to give you the remedy to your uncomfortable issues.

Are you excited?

The best way to fix these comfort issues is to completely air seal your home’s building envelope. What does that mean?

It means you are sealing off your living space with an insulation like injection and spray foam that creates an air seal. Now the conditioned spaces of your home, like the attic, exterior walls, rim joist, and crawl space will no longer let inside air leak out or let outside air in.

Think about all the time you and your family can spend together now in your living room without needing to wear extra layers because it’s too cold or being miserable because it’s too hot. 

Get ready, because with foam insulation in your home every room will be comfortable and inviting.

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