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Does RetroFoam of Michigan Install Foam Insulation in All Weather Conditions?

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Does RetroFoam of Michigan Install Foam Insulation in All Weather Conditions? Blog Feature
Amanda Ringler

By: Amanda Ringler on May 8th, 2024

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You’re on the schedule to have spray foam insulation installed in your home, but inclement weather has hit and you aren’t sure if the company will need to reschedule.


Michigan is a fickle state and is known to see all four of the seasons sometimes in one day. It could be sunny one minute with torrential winds and rain the next, or a balmy 60 degrees during the day and blizzard conditions at night.

Let's jump right into how weather can affect spray foam insulation installation.

Can Foam Insulation Be Installed in Cold Weather?

Of course, a common question we get asked is, "Can foam insulation be installed in cold weather?"

The answer to that is -- Absolutely! Here at RetroFoam of Michigan, neither snow nor rain keeps us from our appointments. Our dedicated crews are equipped to handle just about anything Mother Nature throws their way, ensuring your home gets the insulation it needs, any time of year.

The only scenario in which we might have to hit the pause button is a weather-related state of emergency. Should that occur, we'll contact you promptly to reschedule. Rest assured, cold temperatures are no barrier to upgrading your home's comfort and energy efficiency with foam insulation.

What Temperature Can Spray Foam Be Applied?

While RetroFoam of Michigan works in all weather conditions, other spray foams on the market have temperature limitations.

This really comes into play with closed cell spray foams, especially in pole barns. Some manufacturers recommend once it gets below a certain temperature, then you’ll have a cold substrate and risk creating condensation.

This means that those temperatures will vary depending on the manufacturer and material. Depending on the product, they could be 30 degrees or 5 degrees.

Scheduling Your Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Rain or shine, winter or summer, our crews work in it all.

If you have additional questions about foam insulation or the installation process, please check out our Learning Center.

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