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By: Amanda Ringler on April 18th, 2017

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Does RetroFoam of Michigan Install Foam Insulation in All Weather Conditions? [Video]

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You’re on the schedule to have a RetroFoam of Michigan crew install spray foam insulation in your home, but inclement weather has hit and you aren’t sure if the company will need to reschedule.

Michigan is a fickle state and is known to see all four of the seasons sometimes in one day. It could be sunny one minute with torrential winds and rain the next, or a balmy 60 degrees during the day and blizzard conditions at night.

RetroFoam of Michigan works in all weather conditions from downpours to snow storms, our estimators and crews are braving the weather while installing spray foam insulation in homes across the lower peninsula.

The only time a scheduled installation would be cancelled is if there is a weather-related state of emergency, in which case we would contact you to reschedule.

If you have additional questions about foam insulation, please check out our learning center.

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