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DTE Energy Rebates

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By: Ryan Litwiller on February 1st, 2016

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DTE energy rebates provide homeowners with cash-back rebates for qualifying energy-efficient window and insulation updates. Depending on the improvement, you can receive up to $125 for insulation and $15 per window, according to DTE Energy.

No assessments are required for DTE's Home Performance with Windows and Insulation Program, so you can do it yourself or hire a qualified contractor, like RetroFoam of Michigan, to insulate your rim joist, crawl space, basement, walls, or attic.

Rebate popularity

As a result, the DTE energy rebates are getting warmer than a newly-insulated home with updated windows.

“The program is well received by our customers with over 3,000 participants in 2015,” said Thac K. Nguyen, program lead for DTE's Home Performance with Windows and Insulation Program. “For 2016, we expect even higher participation and are adding more opportunities for customers to receive rebates, like wifi-enable thermostats, bonuses when customer take on multiple improvements, etc.”

How to get started

First, you must determine if you are eligible. If DTE Energy is your primary heat provider, your home was built before 2008 and you live in a single-family home or a specific type of connected housing unit, you should be eligible. Confirm those details here.

Next, select the rebates you are seeking. Review the rebate chart that describes the different types of insulation and window updates eligible and their corresponding rebate value.

After you understand the rebates you need, install the insulation and/or windows to upgrade.

Applying for the rebate

Once the work is complete, it’s time to gather the paperwork necessary to receive the DTE energy rebates. Compile the following items:

  • 12-digit DTE Energy account numbers
  • Sales reciept of invoice and/or contractor’s itemized invoice
  • Scan of Energy Star or NFRC certifications (for windows and patio doors only)

You must apply online for the rebates within 30 days of the work being completed. The rebates are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis until funds are exhausted.

We Make it Easy for our Customers

If you hire RetroFoam of Michigan to insulate your home, we'll make it easy for you to submit any rebates you qualify for - typically filling out the paperwork on your behalf to save you time and stress. We don’t forget about you after the job is completed!

Lean more reasons why RetroFoam of Michigan is the best choice to insulate your new or existing home.