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The Home of Foam Blog

The Home of Foam Blog offers homeowners education and expert tips to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home with spray foam insulation.

Jacob Stacy

Jacob has been with the company for more than 4 years and has worked as an estimator, installer, and in the office. This experience lends itself to his current position as a customer support concierge when answering customers questions. With 10 years of building and manual labor experience, Jacob has the unique ability to answer questions in detail when scheduling appointments. He also has the capabilities to jump onto a truck and help with installation at a moments notice when needed. In his free time, Jacob enjoys spending time with his twin boys and teaching them about the world around them.

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attic insulation removal  |  cellulose attic insulation  |  fiberglass attic insulation  |  spray foam attic insulation

Attic Insulation Removal: How to Remove Old Insulation from the Attic

      You’re ready to kick that old insulation in your attic to the curb but have no idea where you should start.

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Blog Feature

insulation contractors

4 Reasons Why an Insulation Contractor Shows Up Late

We’ve heard stories from some of the homeowners we’ve worked with about contractors not showing up on time, or at all.

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Ultimate Guide to Insulation for Existing Homes

Have questions about insulating your existing home with foam? Our free educational guide compares home insulation types while answering the most frequently asked questions, including the process and pricing of foam insulation.

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closed cell spray foam  |  van insulation

How to Prep a Cargo Van for Spray Foam Insulation

You prepare for all kinds of things in your life, so you know that nothing just magically happens.

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Blog Feature

closed cell spray foam  |  open cell spray foam  |  shipping container home insulation  |  tiny house insulation

Does Spray Foam Need a Protective Shell When Sprayed on the Outside of a Shipping Container

You don’t want to lose any of the precious square footage in your shipping container home, so insulating the outside might be the best option.

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