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The Home of Foam Blog

The Home of Foam Blog offers homeowners education and expert tips to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home with spray foam insulation.

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fiberglass insulation problems  |  flash and batt insulation  |  flash and batt problems  |  spray foam insulation problems

Flash and Batt Insulation Problems: 4 Issues You Want to Avoid

Flash and batt insulation is used most commonly in new construction homes or remodeled homes in the walls, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its fair share of problems.

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Blog Feature

Wall Insulation  |  fiberglass insulation  |  flash and batt insulation  |  spray foam insulation problems

What is Flash and Batt Insulation?

You’ve come to the point in building or remodeling your home where you need insulation and your contractor is recommending flash and batt for your walls.

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