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The Home of Foam Blog

The Home of Foam Blog offers homeowners education and expert tips to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home with spray foam insulation.

Tom McTaggart

Tom works to exceed the customer’s expectations and uses the skills he learned in his psychology classes to better help homeowners seeking help with their homes. The average day for Tom has him driving to customers’ homes, taking measurements, and leaving the customer with all the information they need to make an informed decision. The conversations Tom has with homeowners is one of his favorite parts of his job. When he’s not at work, you can find Tom spending time with his family. In his free time, he likes to learn, help people, and keep an open mind about the world around him.

Blog Feature

attic insulation  |  knee wall insulation  |  spray foam insulation

How to Properly Insulate a One and a Half Story House

Do you feel the pain of living in a poorly insulated one and a half story house?

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Blog Feature

energy efficiency  |  injection foam insulation  |  older home insulation  |  spray foam insulation problems

Behind the Scenes: Three Memorable Foam Insulation Installs

In my job I talk to a lot of people each day, but there are just some people and projects that really stick with you.

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Ultimate Guide to Insulation for Existing Homes

Have questions about insulating your existing home with foam? Our free educational guide compares home insulation types while answering the most frequently asked questions, including the process and pricing of foam insulation.