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The Home of Foam Blog

The Home of Foam Blog offers homeowners education and expert tips to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home with spray foam insulation.

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allergens  |  fiberglass  |  foam insulation benefits  |  indoor air quality  |  insulation  |  moisture  |  mold  |  pollen  |  pollutants

Reduce Airborne Allergens and Pollutants from Entering Your Home

Did you know the old, traditional insulation you have in your walls could be making you sick?

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Attic cellulose insulation  |  Attic fiberglass insulation  |  Attic spray foam insulation  |  Best attic insulation  |  attic  |  cellulose  |  fiberglass  |  insulation  |  spray foam

What is the Best Attic Insulation? (Spray Foam vs Fiberglass vs Cellulose)

You are looking to insulate your attic to keep heat from escaping, but you’re not sure which insulation type will meet your needs.

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Ultimate Guide to Insulation for Existing Homes

Have questions about insulating your existing home with foam? Our free educational guide compares home insulation types while answering the most frequently asked questions, including the process and pricing of foam insulation.

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cost  |  fiberglass  |  fiberglass insulation  |  fiberglass insulation cost

How Much Does Fiberglass Insulation Cost?

You are considering insulation for your home, but before you can get started you want to know the cost of fiberglass insulation for the project.

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fiberglass  |  fiberglass insulation  |  insulation  |  traditional insulation

What is Fiberglass Insulation? How it Works and What it’s Made of

Do you need insulation in your house, and you need more information about what fiberglass insulation is and how it would work in your home?

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cellulose  |  fiberglass  |  home insulation  |  injection foam  |  insulation  |  spray foam

What is Home Insulation? Definition/Types/Materials

Your home is one of your biggest investments and where you will spend the majority of your time, so it needs to be a comfortable temperature year-round.

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