Meet Josh Hammond

Project Manager at RetroFoam of Michigan

Since 2006 Josh has helped over 2,000 homeowners improve their insulation.

Josh's main goal when talking with homeowners is to find solutions to their high monthly energy bills and uncomfortable homes.

While listening to the homeowner, Josh takes the time to check the areas of the home that are causing the most trouble and explains what the best fit will be. He also uses his experience to let the homeowner know about the benefits of foam insulation and what they can expect from the project from start to finish.

Spending time with his family and friends fills most of Josh’s free time. When he gets the chance, he also enjoys fishing and hunting.

"When Josh came for the estimate, he was so positive about RetroFoam and all the benefits of foam and how good the crews are. We knew we picked the right company. The way the crews worked as a unit was great."

Judy and Rick H.

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