Meet Eric Vibert

Maintenance Manager at RetroFoam of Michigan

Working around construction his entire life, Eric brings that knowledge and skill to every project he works on.


Eric has worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years. There isn’t a part of the construction field he hasn’t worked in, which is why he is a great fit to have go to homes if any repair work needs to be done.

Traveling across the state is one of Eric’s favorite parts of his job. He also likes meeting new people and listening to them talk about their lives. Eric’s Dale Carnegie training and certification helps him every day when meeting these new people.

When Eric isn’t working, he loves to hunt, fish, and spend time with his four grandchildren.

"We added RetroFoam to our house in 2013. It’s been so worth it! Now we are selling and while cleaning one of the rooms discovered a portion of our chair rail molding pulled away from the wall. Directly above it was a finishing screw that created a protrusion in the wallpaper. I called RetroFoam of Michigan and they sent Eric out within a couple days. He gently fixed both with no intrusion to either area knowing we were selling. Eric was great! His consideration and friendly demeanor helped to make this experience fantastic! Thank you for your honor and integrity RetroFoam!" 


Beth C.

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