Meet Denny Gilles

Injection Foam Insulation Lead Foreman at RetroFoam of Michigan

Denny has more than a decade of experience at RetroFoam of Michigan and takes pride in that every job is done correctly.

With more than 10 years under his belt with RetroFoam of Michigan, Denny has run every trailer in the fleet.

When Denny hits the road for the day, the highlight of his work is making sure everything is done correctly and wowing homeowners. He enjoys getting to work with his amazing crew, as well as the rest of the RetroFoam of Michigan family.

In his free time, Denny likes spending time with his family and riding anything with a motor.

"Crew number two did our house while my daughter took three college exams! They were clean, quiet, and professional. They left no trace of being inside our home. They offered to remove their shoes without being asked. They were mindful of my pets and worked efficiently and answered all questions professionally.  We had a great experience and highly recommend Retrofoam for your home. The house is instantly warmer and much quieter than we expected."

Connie Cook

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