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RetroFoam of Michigan Complaints

We aim to WOW homeowners with an unheard-of contractor experience, but we’ll be the first to admit that we are human and make mistakes.

To Err is Human

To say that we don’t make mistakes would be a lie.

It doesn’t happen a lot, but there have been times when we missed a spot when injecting insulation in the walls, blown a fuse, cracked the drywall, or stepped on some flowers.

However, when we mess up we make it right. That is our promise.

All of our work comes with a lifetime warranty that we stand by for the life of the home. If a customer has any issues they can contact us the day after the install or a few years after install, and if we were in the wrong we will make it right.

From the time someone first calls in to get an in-home estimate, they are assigned a concierge to guide them through each step of the estimate and install process, as well as follow up with them after the job is completed to ensure satisfaction. In the situation where something went wrong, we have an in-house contractor that goes out to the home to assess the situation and make needed repairs. We also send the crew back out to fix any foam areas that may have been missed.

Many are fearful of contractors because of horror stories or their own past experiences, and we hope to change your mind after working with us.

If we mess up, we will make it right.  Read more about our lifetime warranty.