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Cathedral Ceiling Insulation

Having a cathedral ceiling in all or part of your home really adds to the aesthetics, but can also be a major source of air leakage causing high energy bills.

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Seal the Envelope of Your Home with Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is a great choice to insulate and air seal the building envelope of your home. From your foundation to the exterior walls to your attic/cathedral ceiling, your home can better keep air in for consistent, year-round comfort while reducing your heating and cooling costs. A win-win for any homeowner.

Insulating Your Cathedral Ceiling

There are a few ways to insulate cathedral ceilings in existing homes. Sometimes you can drill through the roof to inject RetroFoam insulation (a roofing contractor may need to repair the roof holes), but more often than not they can be insulated through the inside of your home.

Multiple holes would be drilled in the ceiling and injected with RetroFoam, and in some cases an access could be cut out to spray Icynene foam.

After insulating, the holes would be plugged and patched with a rough coat of mud with the homeowner responsible for finishing off and painting.

This can be a messy project with lots of dust, but our crews place plastic over the furniture to help protect them and makes sure the customer is happy with the clean up before the crew leaves.

Reduce Air Leakage and Energy Bills

Sealing off your home with foam insulation is an investment that pays you back in energy savings and comfort.

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