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RetroFoam of Michigan Adds Company Bicycle to Fleet

By: Malcolm Bean on June 28th, 2016

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RetroFoam of Michigan Adds Company Bicycle to Fleet

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You may have seen the RetroFoam of Michigan trucks driving around the lower peninsula of Michigan on their way to or from insulating a home but if you are in the Montrose area you may see us getting around town in a little different way. The new three-wheeled bike is just the latest attempt to make the RetroFoam family even healthier.

“I’m always thinking of ways to encourage employees to be healthy,” said Mark Massey, President of RetroFoam of Michigan.

Employees will use the bike to ride to the post office, bank, grocery store, or Subway.

Eric Garcia the general manager thinks, “It’s a fun innovative way to bring the office together as a team.”

Other ways Mark has encouraged employees to be healthy are having standing desks, providing fresh fruit in the office, and encouraging employees to ride their bike to work instead of driving.

In May, RetroFoam of Michigan employees saved a total of 352 miles of driving by riding their bikes to work! Not only is this good exercise, but it also saved around 14 gallons of gasoline from being consumed.

The office bike will also help the team get ready for the Wish a Mile event in July.

So if you see a three-wheeled bike riding around Montrose, make sure to share the road and say hi!