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By: Ryan Litwiller on June 20th, 2016

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Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program: Extra Incentives to Make Energy Efficient Home Improvements

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Along with the Holland On-Bill Loan Program, homeowners in the city of Holland will soon be getting an extra incentive to make major energy efficient improvements to their homes.

The Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program will provide homeowners a 20% incentive for extensive energy efficient home improvements costing over $10,000. That's a minimum grant of $2,000!

Many times a whole-house retrofit approach must be taken to properly achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency and comfort, such as re-insulating and air sealing a home’s attic, walls, and foundation area (rim joist and/or crawl space) with foam insulation. The Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program is designed to encourage homeowners to make these whole-house energy improvements with this generous incentive.

Qualifying for the Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program

To be eligible you must be a homeowner living in the City of Holland, have a whole-house energy audit, implement an improvement plan, and spend at least $10,000 in qualifying energy efficient improvements.

How the Home Energy Retrofit Program Works

The program is quite simple and provides additional support to make sure homeowners are properly educated on energy efficiency and making the right decisions for their home.

Get an Energy Coach

A homeowner will meet with the Residential Energy Advisor (REA) to fully understand the Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program and see if it would be a good fit for them.

Get an Energy Assessment

An authorized Michigan Saves contractor, like RetroFoam of Michigan, will provide an energy audit to determine the home’s current state of energy efficiency.

Plan and Implement

After reviewing the energy audit and recommendations from the REA and contractor, along with available financing options1, the homeowner will move forward with the agreed upon energy efficiency improvements.
1 With approved credit. Call for details, 866-900-3626.

Currently, the recommended order of improvements to achieve the greatest energy savings and return on investment is:

  • Air Sealing
  • Insulation
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Appliances and Lighting
  • Windows and Doors
  • Renewable/Alternative Energy

A final energy audit will be conducted at the completion of the work to show the initial success of the updates.

Track Savings

The homeowner and REA will review the home’s energy usage over the next year to monitor success.

Additional Incentives and Financing

On top of this incredible 20% incentive, great rebates are still offered for many energy efficient improvements through the Board of Public Works and Semco. Interested homeowners can also choose to finance with low and convenient monthly payments through the Holland On-Bill Loan Program where the loan will be repaid on the homeowner’s electric bill.

The Numbers So Far

16 homes took part in Holland’s Home Energy Retrofit Pilot program between 2014-2015, seeing an average energy savings of 34%, an annual average savings of $813. Some homes saw an annual savings of up to $1,300!

“It is exciting that the energy savings can be used towards the low monthly loan payments making the total out of pocket investment very little for the homeowner,” said Mark Massey, owner of RetroFoam of Michigan.

Take the Next Step

As an authorized Michigan Saves contractor providing energy assessments, air sealing, and insulation, RetroFoam of Michigan is prepared to assist city of Holland homeowners wanting to take advantage of these great incentives. If you are interested in the Holland Home Energy Retrofit Program or Holland On-Bill Loan Program, contact us today for a free consultation.

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