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By: Ryan Litwiller on April 11th, 2016

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April Home Checklist

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Spring is officially here in Michigan, even though the weather may be saying otherwise in many parts of the state. Take a look at these items that you may want to consider completing around the house and yard before the end of the month.

Finish (or Start) Your Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to go beyond the weekly cleaning list for a deep clean of your home. Here are some little and big areas that you want to make sure not to forget.

Visually Inspect the Yard, House, and Driveway

Winter storms, critters, and ice can cause some unwanted things to happen to the exterior of your home, along with the driveway. As the weather gets better make sure to take a slow walk around your property to look for any damage that was left behind by winter.

Clean Up the Yard

You will need the yard picked up to start mowing and planting flowers soon, so go to the local hardware store and get some big lawn bags to pick up those sticks and leaves in the flowerbeds and gutters.

Get the Lawnmower Ready

Change the oil, fill up the gas cans, sharpen the blades, and start her up to make sure she is for the season.

Air Up the Bike Tires

Depending on the weather April can be a good time to get the bike out and ready for summer. Air up the tires, wipe off the cobwebs, and check the brakes to make sure you can stop!

Prepare the Grill

Even though Memorial Day is a ways off, after a sixty or seventy degree day you will be itching to fire up the grill. Get prepared with a good clean down, find your grilling utensils, and stock up on propane or coal.

Go Green

Earth Day is April 22 where you can do your part to help preserve the planet. Adding energy efficiency to your home is a great place to start reducing the carbon footprint, as well as your monthly energy bills, with things like CFL and LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, and foam insulation.

What’s on your to-do list this April?

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